Unforgettable views of Tallinn’s #1

                                         Kohtuotsa Viewing Platform

can now be accompanied by

       a pleasant glass of champagne, mulled wine,

                                                 a tasty and quick snack,

               or simply a cup of aromatic coffee.

   Spend more time at this unique destination,

                              while we provide drinks and dishes,

right on this incredible observation terrace.


 Welcome to DOM café

                    – the house of DOMERS,

    our famous stuffed pancake-rolls  

       What taste do you prefer – sweet or savory?..

                                                We have ANY and A LOT.

 The variety of our domers are always fresh-made                                             and hot, and always delicious!

Are you in hurry?

Domers are convenient to be picked up as food-to-go,

                                        easy for delivery and takeaway. 

Choose your domer or taste them all,

                            enjoy them anywhere or right here,

                        in our lovely DOM café!


 We are always glad to see you!